What should you do if…?

…fish keep coming up to the surface?

You can carry on feeding fish for as long as they keep coming up to the surface. However, don’t feed them anything other than Wheatgerm Sticks. If there is food left over after half an hour, you should remove it from the water.

…you can’t see all the fish?

Keep a lookout! As soon as you discover a dead fish, take it out immediately; otherwise the water quality will rapidly deteriorate.

…the pond has completely frozen?

The fish must be removed from the pond as quickly as possible. Put the fish in a large container somewhere free from frost, for instance in a cellar, change the water daily and keep a close eye on your fish. To aerate your pond and help keep it from freezing, put the»APK 400 pond aeration set into action.

…the pond level is getting lower?

Either the lining has been compromised around the edge by the frost or it’s been a dry winter. Top up with cold tap water and use AquaSafe to make the water safe for your fish.