Caring for your pond

Let’s start with the care of your pond plants. In autumn, pond vegetation needs to be cut back and dead matter removed; this is exactly the same as for normal garden plants.

As for your pond equipment, you’ll have to stop using it before the first frost. That said, the APK 400 aeration set will enrich your pond with oxygen during the winter and will also help prevent some of the surface from freezing over. For this to happen, the pump should be set up so it is protected from the elements as far as possible and the air stone should be placed just under the water. If, instead, the air stone is positioned on the bottom of the pond, warm areas of water will be carried upwards and cold water from the surface will descend. Then the fish will freeze! When you are digging your pond, bear in mind that a pond needs to be at least one metre deep. Otherwise the pond can freeze right through in a severe winter, killing your fish. If the surface of the water is allowed to freeze completely, fish-threatening gases resulting from decay, such as methane, will be unable to escape. Also by keeping the ice free of snow as much as possible, you’ll still be able to see your fish in winter. Check pH, KH, GH, nitrite and nitrate levels with »6in1 test strips for reassurance that these water parameters are all in order.

Quiet, please! If the surface does freeze over completely, don’t chisel away at it. Some hot water will melt a small area where you can fit the air stone that goes with the air pump.