Feeding fish

It’s springtime and with the temperatures warming up outside and the increasing daylight, not only are we feeling more lively – so too are the fish in your pond. The higher water temperatures encourage fish to come up to the surface. Now’s the time to start feeding them several times a day with a food that is suited to water temperatures below 10 °C: Wheatgerm Sticks. These are fibre-rich, highly digestible sticks which float on the surface and are therefore ideal for feeding after the winter. Take away any food that is not consumed within half an hour. Wheatgerm Sticks are perfect for feeding all the fish in your pond. Should water temperatures climb above 10 °C, then staple foods Multi Mix with sticks, flakes, tablets and gammarus (for mixed fish stocks) or Koi Sticks are a good choice.

Don’t give your fish last year’s food! If the packaging has been open over the winter, the food won’t be nutritious any more. Only use fresh food, and feed this to your fish within three months.