What should you do if…?

…pond water is brown?

There are too many nutrients in the water, caused by dead plant matter and algae. Use AquaFresh to tackle the organic substances and unpleasant smells.

…the pond is overstocked?

Avoid having too many fish in a pond. Otherwise you’ll quickly find that there isn’t enough oxygen in the water. Take time to consider how many fish you’d like to keep. Adding OxySafe to your pond or installing the APK 400 aeration set will deal with the effects of temporary overstocking.

…Jack Frost strikes?

Stop using your pond equipment before the first frost. Wash the filter, pump and UV-C algae clarifier thoroughly, clean the lamp’s quartz glass tube and ideally leave your pump to soak over winter in a place where the water won’t freeze. This prevents residue from water conditioners or anti-algae agents affecting the material.

…algae are still clouding your view?

Tetra has individual anti-algae agent solutions at the ready. For more information, visit our website or ask your pet shop for advice.

…if water values are not acceptable?

Which parameter is the problem? If the pH is too low, go for pH/KH Plus. If the phosphate level is too high, use PhosphateMinus. If nitrate content is above what it should be, you’ll need to carry out water changes until the value falls below 50 mg/l. When doing this, remember to use AquaSafe water conditioner.

…fish look sick?

Is this caused by inadequate water quality or low-nutrient fish food? Use MediFin to treat the symptoms. This is a universal remedy for all pond fish. Follow the dosing instructions exactly to ensure the treatment will work effectively.