Feeding fish

Correct care starts with the right food! Only by obeying this mantra can you be sure that your fish are getting what they need and in a way that keeps water pollution to an absolute minimum. For healthy fish, it’s not only important to feed them several times a day; you also need to give them types of feed that have been designed specifically to meet their particular nutritional requirements. Examples include Koi Sticks for your koi and Gold Mix for goldfish and their various breeds. These carp-derived species have no stomach. Plus, they also have a very short intestinal tract so food needs to contain readily digestible proteins and carbohydrates. Koi Sticks are available in three different varieties ranging from a staple diet, through Koi Sticks Junior with a high protein content for rearing koi fry, to the energising Koi Sticks Growth, which gives adult fish plenty of vitality. Finally, beneficial carotinoids in all koi feeds bring out the fish’s natural colour. Tetra Gold Mix is a premium feed mix consisting of flakes, sticks and gammarus. The spirulina flakes, in particular, will intensify the colouration of your goldfish and goldfish breeds.

If water temperatures increase, so too does the fish metabolism rate and therefore hunger. Consequently, feed several times a day and take away any food that is not consumed within half an hour. Tetra supplies a variety of complete diets for native fish or a mixed stock of fish: Sticks, Multi Mix, »Power Discs, Colour Sticks. These are subject to continual improvement based on years of intensive research. As a feed manufacturer, Tetra is equally concerned about fish health and water quality since these issues are interdependent. Tetra feeds, while containing all the nutrients your fish need, are also designed to keep water pollution down as much as possible. As long as your fish get a varied diet, you can be sure that they are receiving all the right nutrition. All feeds are packaged in a high-quality re-sealable bag so as to protect nutrients from degradation and ensure long-lasting freshness.

Off on a long trip? While you’re away, your neighbour can take over feeding. He or she should try to stick to the quantities and feeding times your pets are used to. That couldn’t be easier thanks to Tetra »Holiday food. The unique gel food technology caters for your fish for up to 14 days. Because the food won’t dissolve in the meantime, nutrients are kept locked in.

Fish become very trusting over the summer months and may even let you feed them by hand! To encourage this, always go to the same place to feed your fish and, if possible, at the same time. Your pets will soon get used to you and you’ll find it easier to watch your fish and check up on their health.