My first Aquarium

An aquarium brings life into the house - and responsibility! The impressive habitat for fish and plants is not only a great hobby for the whole family, but also as a chic furnishing eye-catcher. Discover here, how to set up an aquarium, find the right products for start, maintenance or problems and a lot more topics from the fascinating aquatics world.

Stable water parameters for healthy fish and plants

A good water quality is vital. Even if the water in two aquariums is never the same, stable water parameters are essential for all aquariums.

Set up an aquarium

How to setup an aquarium

Are you a beginner in the fishkeeping hobby and want to get a fascinating underwater world set up at home? We will support you with advice and assistance.

Important water changes

Regular partial water changes help to maintain a good water quality and create a stable ecosystem in the aquarium.

Tetra Aquatics App

Water tests made easy! The Tetra Aquatics App determines your water parameters in seconds – with great simplicity, speed and precision.

The holiday checklist for your aquarium

Summertime is holiday time – but is it possible to leave your aquarium home alone? Read on, how your fishes bear your absence without difficulty.

Information on Tetra water tests

Tetra Water Tests are available individually, as refills or in sets. The following overview gives information on the different Tetra test products.

3 requirements for healthy aquarium plants

In order that aquatic plants achieve their important biological roles, a great basis for healthy plant growth is essential. And that's not so difficult at all.

A shrimp fan is born

Silvia Klein found herself transformed overnight into the proud owner of some dwarf shrimps. In her field report, she describes how her crustaceans room mates settled into her home.

Tetra Aquatics App

Determine your water parameters quickly, easily and reliably - watch the video to find out more!

Products to start

Tetra AquaSafe

Instantly neutralises harmful substances to make tap water safe for fish.


Complete food in the form of a flake mix, providing a full diet for daily feeding of all ornamental fish.

Tetra EasyBalance

Stabilises important water values for up to six months and reduces the number of water changes.

Tetra Starter Line LED 54L Aquarium

A starter set that allows novices to take their first steps in the world of aquatics with confidence – install, set up and experience fascinating underwater worlds with the greatest of ease.

Tetra FunTips

Biologically balanced adhesive food tablets for tropical fish.

Did you know ...?

“Get to know your creatures”

Taking photos of fish, shrimps and other aquatic creatures is deceptively challenging, so we’ve asked wildlife photographer Peter Uhl* to reveal some tricks of the trade.

Pets help to combat the stress of school

Dogs, fish and other pets can improve children’s performance at school. An expert also offers parents and their offspring several other tips for combating stress too.

Archerfish can recognise human faces

Eyes, nose, mouth – fish can recognise people’s faces. And that’s not all: they can also distinguish between people they do and don’t know.

A characterful crustacean

It is not only fish that make great pets, but also freshwater crayfish. The blue one is particularly attractive. But it is not just its appearance that makes it exciting.

Aquariums good for soul

Science has now confirmed what fishkeeping fans have known for some time: watching fish, shrimps and so on is relaxing and promotes well-being.

Defensive palette surgeonfish

The palette surgeonfish shoots through tropical waters like a blue flash, drawing its secret weapon if potential predators get too close.

Industrious guppies

Like sparkling gems, Guppies dart through many aquariums. It is even more exciting to watch them at breeding time.

Tricky Clownfish

A clownfish is certainly eye-catching. But it is not just visually that this little marine fish has plenty to offer: it also has a couple of astonishing tricks up its sleeve.

Fish as social workers

Social worker Cornelia Dilly makes dreams come true: Children can visit her and choose their very own fish or shrimps and learn about life with their help.

Ingenious octopus

The larger Pacific striped octopus is not only attractive, but also displays behaviour that astonishes researchers – and is quite unlike that of a typical cephalopod.

Fish help children deal with diabetes

American scientists have recently proven that aquariums can positively affect the health of children who suffer from diabetes.