Aquarium for kids

Tetra Starter Line Aquarium “Despicable Me” edition 30L

Have fun with the family in an underwater adventure with the Minions!

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Aquariums for children

Are aquariums suitable for children’s bedrooms? Fish aren’t just a hobby for adults: read on to discover the pros and cons as well as what you need to consider as a parent.

Interview: “Aquariums ignite the imagination”

Is an aquarium suitable for children? This is one of several questions asked by many parents when purchasing an aquarium. Tetra product developer Nils Grotelüschen answers the most frequently asked questions in an interview. Read now

Aquariums are good for the soul

Science has now confirmed what fishkeeping fans have known for some time: watching fish, shrimps and so on is relaxing and promotes well-being.

Products for the aquarium

Tetra AquaSafe

Instantly neutralises harmful substances to make tap water safe for fish.

Tetra EasyBalance

Stabilises important water values for up to six months and reduces the number of water changes.

Tetra FunTips

Biologically balanced adhesive food tablets for tropical fish.

Resources for parents

“Get to know your creatures”

Taking photos of fish, shrimps and other aquatic creatures is deceptively challenging, so we’ve asked wildlife photographer Peter Uhl* to reveal some tricks of the trade.

Fish as social workers

Many children want their very own pet. Social worker Cornelia Dilly makes their dream come true. Children can visit her and choose their very own fish – or shrimps – and learn about life with the aid of their aquatic friends.

Pets help to combat the stress of school

Dogs, fish and other pets can improve children’s performance at school. An expert also offers parents and their offspring several other tips for combating stress too.

Fish help children deal with diabetes

American scientists have recently proven that aquariums can positively affect the health of children who suffer from diabetes.