The perfect aquarium care

In our theme world for the perfect aquarium care you will find valuable background knowledge, useful tips & tricks and the appropriate products around the topics of water care, plant care, water test, algae control and medicines.

Tetra care system

Aquarium care made easy: The Tetra care system helps you easily and quickly to find the right care products for your aquarium. Please select whether you need products for setting up an aquarium, general care products for healthy fish and plants or solutions to solve problems in your aquarium.

Water tests

Tetra Aquatics App

Easily analyze the water parameters of your aquarium or garden pond, with the Tetra’s digital water test*.

The entire world of aquatics in one single app!

Tetra Aquatics is your all-round tool for the professional maintenance of your aquarium or garden pond!

Tetra Test 6in1

Test strips to quickly and easily check six water quality parameters in 60 seconds

Tetra WaterTest Set

Water test set for the reliable and precise determination of five decisive water values.

Tetra TestStrips Ammonia

Fast and easy testing of NH3/NH4+.

Tetra Test NO2-

Measures the nitrite value reliably and precisely

Tetra Test pH

Measures the pH value reliably and precisely

Water care

Stable water parameters

Good water quality in the aquarium is vital. All living beings that reside in this ecosystem depend on optimum water parameters.

Healthy aquarium water with AquaSafe and EasyBalance

A beautiful aquarium with crystal clear water not only looks wonderfully well looked after but is also usually a sign of healthy fish and plants.

Tetra AquaSafe

Instantly neutralises harmful substances to make tap water safe for fish.

Tetra EasyBalance

Stabilises important water values for up to six months and reduces the number of water changes.

Tetra SafeStart

Makes it possible to introduce fish immediately after setting up a new aquarium.

Tetra FilterActive

Keeps filter biologically active and reduces sludge.

Plant care

Green and healthy aquatic plants

Plants make the aquarium or the garden pond really attractive and support the biological balance. So that aquatic plants can fulfill this task, they need ...

Tetra CO2 Optimat

The practical complete CO2 set for lush, healthy aquatic plants.

3 requirements for healthy aquarium plants

Healthy plant growth essentially depends on three factors: 'well-functioning' substrate with all the right nutrients, adequate light and good quality water with sufficient carbon dioxide.

Tetra CompleteSubstrate

Nutrient-rich substrate with long-term fertilisation. Activates strong and healthy plant growth.

Tetra ActiveSubstrate

Natural substrate which provides a plant-friendly soil climate and lush, healthy plant growth. The large surface and the porous structure of the water neutral clay granules offer several advantages compared to conventional gravel.

Tetra PlantaMin

Thanks to the special depot formula, the nutrients contained in Tetra PlantaMin stay available for plants over a period of 4 weeks. Iron, potassium, manganese and other essential trace elements provide a lush and healthy plant growth.


Being able to diagnose and treat the most common indoor fish diseases is essential for every aquarium owner. Because, if detected early enough, most indoor fish health problems can be resolved easily. However, not everyone has the experience for an exact diagnosis.

Fish diseases

Despite taking good care of your fish, diseases may still end up worming their way into the aquarium. They are often introduced when new fish are added.


Tetra AlguMin*

Combats effectively all types of algae. For prevention and fast action.