All about Pond

Helping pond fish be fit and healthy for spring

Pond fish are particularly susceptible to disease in the early stages of the year – how to help them be fit and healthy for spring.


Winter-proof your pond in autumn

To enjoy your garden pond and the creatures it contains for many years to come, it is well worth taking a few precautions to winter-proof it. But what exactly should you consider when winter-proofing a garden pond?

Suspended algae turn pond water green

The last time you checked, your pond water was nice and clear; now it has suddenly been turned green by suspended algae. Discover why the water in contaminated and freshly created ponds turns green and how you can defend this type of pond algae.

Algae in ponds

No pond owner likes to discover an algae plague. A look at the most common types of pond algae , what causes algae in pond and what you can do to combat them.

Water parameters in ponds

If you want to know how healthy your pond is, you need to keep a close eye on its water parameters. Discover the most important advice to improve the water quality of your pond.


Tetra Koi Beauty Medium

High-quality staple food with all essential nutrients for healthy medium-sized koi and clean water.

Tetra Pond PlantaMin

Liquid fertiliser for thriving plants and beautiful flowers.

Tetra Pond WaterBalance

Water conditioner for long-lasting, natural and biological balance in garden ponds.

Tetra Pond Sticks

Complete floating stick food for all pond fish providing all-round, biologically balanced nutrition.