DATZ names Balance Balls its product of the month
In December 2015, the aquarium magazine DATZ named our Tetra BalanceBalls its product of the month. Each edition of the German aquatics magazine includes a ‘Testlauf’ (‘Trial’) section in which a product is closely examined.

Phosphate and nitrate scarcely still detectable in the aquarium 

In the case of the Tetra BalanceBalls, the editorial team conducted extensive tests on the effects of the balls over a several-week period and determined that the phosphate level reduced dramatically after only a week and the nitrate level after two weeks. This trend then continued until eventually, after six weeks, the two substances were scarcely detectable. 

The verdict at the end of the test period was a thoroughly positive one and the editorial team concluded that the BalanceBalls do exactly what Tetra promises.

Tetra’s own test results have been confirmed

Koord Janssen, Marketing and Innovation Director at Tetra, expressed his delight with this excellent result: “Before launching a new product on the market, it goes without saying that we subject it to thorough testing. Despite this, we are naturally delighted that as prestigious a magazine as DATZ has given our Tetra BalanceBalls such a positive assessment and confirmed our own results.”

Nitrate breakdown and stable water quality parameters

The Tetra BalanceBalls specifically promote the breakdown of nitrate in fresh water aquaria and can be used in any conventional external filter. They are made of water-insoluble polymers, which serve as a nutrient for nitrate-reducing bacteria known as ‘denitrifiers’. The balls furthermore promote the formation of a biofilm on which the denitrifiers can settle and sustainably create optimum water quality parameters. When the denitrifiers break down the BalanceBalls, nitrogen is removed from the water and the carbonate hardness (KH) increases. This stabilises the pH level so the water quality parameters remain balanced and aquarium owners can relax and fully enjoy their fascinating underwater world. 
Ferner sorgen die Bälle für dauerhaft optimale Wasserparameter: Während die Denitrifikanten die BalanceBalls abbauen, wird Stickstoff aus dem Wasser entfernt und zugleich Karbonathärte (KH) gebildet. So wird der pH-Wert stabilisiert, die Wasserwerte bleiben im Gleichgewicht. Auf diese Weise können Aquarienfreunde die Faszination ihrer Unterwasserwelt entspannt genießen.

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AUTHOR: Tetra GmbH
DATE: 12.04.2016