Tetra AquaArt Discovery Line now available in fashionable white colour
As with all other models of Tetra AquaArt aquaria, the new Tetra AquaArt White tanks are also sold as complete sets. They include either the Tetra Brilliant Filter, for use in the 20 litre tank, or the Tetra EasyCrystal Filter for the other two sizes, as well as sample packs of Tetra food and care products. This makes it both quick and easy for consumers to set up their aquarium and to start enjoying what the fascinating world of fishkeeping has to offer.
  • Available as complete sets in three different sizes, namely as 20 litre, 30 litre and 60 litre tanks
  • The sturdy tank cover is equipped with flaps at the front and the back to allow users to feed their fish and for easy access to the equipment
  • The open flaps are held in place by top-quality click connections
  • The aquariums are lit using a high-output T5 Sylvania bulb. These lamps, which are manufactured in Germany, are energy-efficient and offer a long service life. They are also perfect for promoting healthy plant and fish
  • There is a drip moulding on the inner surface of the tank cover to keep condensation inside the aquarium.
  • The frame also has additional corner bracings for extra stability, as well as adjustable slots to accommodate a variety of cable sizes.
  • All Tetra AquaArt aquaria are TÜV/ GS tested and come with a two-year guarantee, which covers the tank's glass and the lighting.
Tetra APS White aquarium air pumps

To coincide with the launch of the snow-white aquaria, Tetra is also releasing its Tetra APS aquarium air pumps in this new trendy colour. Thanks to their sophisticated design, tough housing and rubber feet that absorb vibration, these pumps are quiet, reliable and extremely efficient and ensure a steady, powerful flow of air in the aquarium. These pumps, which are available in five different sizes, can be used in tanks with a capacity of up to 600 litres. The Tetra APS aquarium air pumps are TÜV/ GS tested and come with a three-year guarantee.

AUTHOR: Tetra GmbH
DATE: 03.05.2016