A new look in next to no time: Any aquarium can be quickly and simply redesigned using Tetra

Tetra DecoArt

The trend for creating individual living spaces has now been adopted by the world of fishkeeping, as Tetra is broadening its range to include aquarium decoration products, by releasing Tetra DecoArt.

Over the next few months, a variety of decorative items under the brand name DecoArt are set to be released onto the market, starting with four posters in September. Each poster is printed on both sides, enabling users to quickly and simply redecorate their aquarium and providing them with better value for money. The themes of the high-quality prints allow for a wide variety of different designs; these include, for example, marine-themed pictures, displaying images of coral reefs, sharks or a turtle, which mainly consist of rich blue colours. By way of contrast, posters with Far Eastern themes and pictures of beautiful ponds filled with plants create a calm, serene atmosphere, thereby emphasising the relaxing effect that an aquarium can have. The 640 x 400 mm posters are perfectly suited for use in most aquariums with a capacity of up to 100 litres.

Offering a wide range of design options, Tetra DecoArt makes fishkeeping a delightful hobby and, at the same time, appeals to new consumer groups and particularly to children. Amongst others products, additional items will include new products for the already well-established range known as Tetra Plantastics (artificial aquatic plants). The addition of this new DecoArt range highlights Tetra’s status as an all-round provider of fishkeeping products. This extended product range will bring about a potential increase in turnover for the business.
AUTHOR: Tetra GmbH
DATE: 03.05.2016