A highly effective remedy for ornamental fish diseases
Tetra Medica Lifeguard is a medicinal product that fights the most common ailments of freshwater ornamental fish, and can be used to treat the first signs of disease thanks to its non-antibiotic, broad-spectrum active agent. The over-the-counter remedy, which comes in the form of a tablet, combats external diseases such as fungal infections, white spot (ichthyophthirius) and other single-celled parasites (protozoa),  Lifeguardskin worms and gill worms, as well as external bacterial infections such as mouth rot and fin rot. Symptoms of disease may include inflammation and infection of the skin, white spots, dull mucous membranes, etc.

The remedy was developed by Tetra in collaboration with the Center for Fish and Wildlife Medicine at the University of Bern in Switzerland. The intensive research carried out there showed that Tetra Medica Lifeguard is particularly effective at treating the many different life stages of ichthyophthirius multifiliis, which is otherwise known as white spot disease. It is easy to work out the correct dosage, and there are no known contraindications or side effects associated with Tetra Medica Lifeguard. The product is also recommended for use as a preventive treatment