Healthy aquarium water with AquaSafe and EasyBalance

A beautiful aquarium with crystal clear water not only looks wonderfully well looked after but is also usually a sign of healthy fish and plants. It means that the ecosystem in the aquarium is balanced and the interplay between organic and chemical/physical factors in the water functions perfectly. 

For the water to remain healthy and clear, however, a certain amount of water care is essential. The water care products Tetra AquaSafe and Tetra EasyBalance offer all the properties required to keep the aquarium healthy.

Tap water suitable for fish with Tetra AquaSafe

Whether filling an aquarium for the first time, conducting a partial water change or transporting fish: fresh water is essential for lookingafter the aquarium and maintaining healthy fish and plants. This is often added in the form of tap water. It is therefore even more important for the fresh water to be perfectly tailored to the fishes’ needs.

Tap water that is perfectly safe for humans and can be used for drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning can possibly still be harmful to fish. This is because the concentration of substances contained in the water (e.g. chlorine or metals) can be too high for fish and harm them. This explains why it is so important to treat the tap water and make it safe for fish: and this is precisely where Tetra AquaSafe comes in. The tap water conditioner reliably protects fish and plants against substances in the tap water that can be harmful to them and adds additional important nutrients to the fresh water.

Did you know? A new component has been added to Tetra AquaSafe’s care formula – a natural algae extract proven* to protect fish gills and mucous membranes.

*Radboud University Nijmegen, September 2010

Stable water parameters with Tetra EasyBalance

If the ecosystem in an aquarium is balanced, algae, fish diseases and cloudy water stand little chance. For aquarium owners, stable water parameters thereforeprimarily mean that the water is clear, the fish are healthy and happy and plants flourish. Many aquarium owners naturally want things to stay this way for a long time with as little maintenance effort as possible.

And this is very much achievable. Tetra EasyBalance keeps the ecosystem stable and can also extend the period between partial water changes. This is because the product reliably stabilises the carbonate hardness and pH level, for example, while also giving fish and plants important nutrients. 

Plus: Tetra EasyBalance contains a new mineral mix. The new formula now gives fish and plants important nutrients in a more optimal way than ever

AUTHOR: Tetra GmbH
DATE: 01.08.2016