Perfect water for fish from Tetra
As aquarium owners know, tap water must be properly treated to make it safe for fish and plants. However, care products are also needed to condition the aquarium water itself and the filters; otherwise, there is a risk of losing fish or problems with algae in the worst case scenario.

Activate your filter

Containing the essential nitrifying bacteria that live in aquaria and filters, Tetra SafeStart is just such a product. It works by activating the filter to produce a healthy water regime and a biologically active environment. Tetra SafeStart has been proven to reduce the harmful nitrogen in ammonia and nitrite to negligible levels when stocking a new aquarium with average fish levels. The product should be used whenever setting up an aquarium, carrying out partial water changes or utilising medicinal products. The specially bred, live, nitrifying bacteria in Tetra SafeStart rapidly establish an intact family of filter bacteria (where setting up an aquarium) and sustain these bacteria when, for example, performing partial water changes; they also reduce the metabolic waste produced by fish and prevent the release of harmful intermediate products such as ammonia, ammonium and nitrite which are produced when proteins are broken down. Tetra SafeStart is suitable for all freshwater aquariums. 

Turn your tap water into fish safe nature-like aquarium water

Ideally, Tetra SafeStart should be used in combination with Tetra AquaSafe, a patented water conditioner for tap water. Tetra AquaSafe instantly neutralises substances in tap water that endanger fish: special ingredients eliminate chlorine and chloramines, whilst completely and permanently neutralising toxic heavy metals such as copper and lead. At the same time, Tetra AquaSafe ensures fish and their water are healthy thanks to a unique blend of revitalising vitamins and trace elements that also occur in the natural environment; these include iodised salts to activate fish, magnesium salts to promote healthy growth and vitamin B1 to counter stress. Natural biopolymers produced by living organisms ensure clear water. In addition, hydrocolloids (known as protective colloids) protect fish gills and mucous membranes and thus guard against sickness. Another significant benefit of Tetra AquaSafe (which is suitable for all freshwater aquariums) is the addition of magnesium to promote aquatic plant growth.

Reduce water changes

Partial water changes are part of the regular care programme for any aquarium, but can often be a time-consuming process. Tetra offers a highly effective alternative in the form of Tetra EasyBalance water conditioner. Where used properly, this product stabilises aquarium water conditions for up to six months (depending on stocks and contaminants), significantly reducing the number of water changes required. Effectively stabilising pH and KH values offsets and counterbalances the naturally occurring chemical changes in water quality and prevents sudden dangerous drops in acidity that can endanger the life of fish. Carbonate hardness is thereby stabilised at the level present in the aquarium. Tetra EasyBalance is especially well suited to aquariums with soft water, perhaps holding killifish or South American cichlids. Major pH variations  are avoided and high pH values are reduced through the continuous microbiological production of small quantities of carbon. Stabilising water conditions and cutting the number of required water changes makes fishkeeping a much simpler and safer hobby. 

Tetra EasyBalance supplies the water with organic, biodegradable compounds in the form of visible nitrate-eliminating granules that quickly sink to the aquarium floor and effectively reduce nitrate content; it also contains an innovative phosphate-neutralising fluid that eliminates any phosphates that may be present. The reduction of nitrate and phosphate prevents the excessive build-up of algae. At the same time, Tetra EasyBalance adds to the water useful B-group vitamins, essential trace elements and minerals such as iron; this compensates for steady natural loss caused by the addition of fish and plants. 

Easy and convenient

With Tetra EasyBalance, Tetra’s research and development department has created an innovative product that makes it much easier for aquarium owners to take care of their tanks. Some 20 experts at the company’s German headquarters in Melle are responsible for developing and enhancing products as well as ensuring biological quality control. The main aim of their work is to make fishkeeping as simple and safe as possible – and Tetra EasyBalance is a product that meets this objective. When used as directed and where conditions are good (with moderate fish stocks and a sufficient quantity of healthy aquatic plants), Tetra EasyBalance can guarantee biologically stable water conditions. Weekly use of Tetra 6in1 test strips to monitor water conditions is recommended.

AUTHOR: Tetra GmbH
DATE: 17.02.2016