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The perfect beginners’ aquarium

Our interview with Thomas Brauers from the Tetra Product Development department explains what people should consider when buying their first aquarium and why the quality of such products plays such a crucial role.
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Tetra myFeeder – the innovative feeding concept

The Tetra myFeeder feeds your fish even when you are away from home. Best of all: the food compartment protects the food against damaging.
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DATZ names Balance Balls its product of the month

In December 2015, the aquarium magazine DATZ named our Tetra BalanceBalls its product of the month. Each edition of the German aquatics magazine includes a ‘Testlauf’ (‘Trial’) section in which a product is closely examined.
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Osnabrueck zoo tests Tetra BalanceBalls

In June 2015, aquarium manager Stefan Bramkamp placed the Tetra BalanceBalls in the axolotl tank’s filter system. The BalanceBalls are made of a special water-insoluble polymer, which serves as a nutrient for nitrate-reducing bacteria and supports the formation of a biofilm on which the denitrifiers settle
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The key to efficient filtration

Water is life! As creatures in an aquarium need completely clean water to live a healthy life, biological, chemical and mechanical filtering is absolutely vital. To help you decide which filter is right for your aquarium, qualified biologist Barbara Klingbeil reveals everything you need to know about filtering. Plus, we'll also be introducing you to our new Tetra EX-Filter Plus external filter in a video and on the Tetra website. The complete sets are really easy to use and offer extremely effective filtration.
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Stable water values and nitrate breakdown in your aquarium

As an aquarium owner, you are well aware that a properly functioning biological filter is one of the basic requirements for a beautiful aquarium with healthy fish and plants. Here, the term "filtering" generally refers to an air- or motor-driven internal or external filter which ensures effective nitrification, among many other processes.
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Tetra AquaArt Explorer Line wins over experts and aquarium owners

Our AquaArt Explorer Line is a beautiful aquarium for all fishkeeping fans. Its crescent-shaped front pane offers unique insights into fascinating, shimmering underwater worlds so that you can observe fish, shrimps and plants close up