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Aquariums for children

Are aquariums suitable for children’s bedrooms? Fish aren’t just a hobby for adults: read on to discover the pros and cons as well as what you need to consider as a parent.
Beautiful aquarium

Interview: “Aquariums ignite the imagination”

Is an aquarium suitable for children? This is one of several questions asked by many parents when purchasing an aquarium. Tetra product developer Nils Grotelüschen answers the most frequently asked questions in an interview.
Beautiful aquarium

Foliage in aquariums: useful decoration

Leaves in an aquarium can be both decorative and useful – providing you note a few things.
Beautiful aquarium

How to setup an aquarium

Are you a beginner in the fishkeeping hobby and want to get a fascinating underwater world set up at home? We will support you with advice and assistance.
Beautiful aquarium

The holiday checklist for your aquarium

Summertime is holiday time – but is it possible to leave your aquarium home alone? Read on to discover how your fish can survive without you for extended periods.
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Tetra AquaArt Discovery Line now available in fashionable white colour

Since September 2012, Tetra offers its AquaArt aquaria in a brand new colour. The cover and frame of the new Tetra AquaArt White tanks come in a stylish, snow-white colour.
Beautiful aquarium

A new look in next to no time: Any aquarium can be quickly and simply redesigned using Tetra

The trend for creating individual living spaces has now been adopted by the world of fishkeeping, as Tetra is broadening its range to include aquarium decoration products, by releasing Tetra DecoArt.