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It is strongly recommended that novice aquarists use the most common type of tropical freshwater aquarium. In this type of tank, various aquatic plants and species of fish can be looked after together, offering a colourful and lively display of activity in the aquarium. However, it is important to ensure that the fish not only get along in terms of their social behavioural traits, but that they also have the same requirements relating to water quality, temperature and aquarium set-up. However, this doesn’t mean that keeping the aquarium will become tedious. You can find a selection of fish from the various water layers in our example aquarium layouts.

  • Topical news and infos

    • AA_White

      Tetra AquaArt Discovery Line now available in fashionable white colour

      Since September 2012, Tetra offers its AquaArt aquaria in a brand new colour. In response to the latest colour trend in the home and furnishings sector, the cover and frame of the new Tetra AquaArt White tanks come in a stylish, snow-white colour. Thus Tetra provides beautifully designed, modern aquaria, which are both practical and attractive and provide the perfect accessory for your home.

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    • the Tetra algae laboratory

      Tetra's algae laboratory: Targeted fundamental research for effective products

      Tetra has been carrying out extensive algae research for decades, having launched its first anti-algae agent, AlguMin, as far back as 1968. The leader in the aquatics market has once again invested heavily in algae research and was equipped with a state-of-the-art algae laboratory at the beginning of this year, meaning that the company is now even better positioned strategically within the industry.

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    • Tetra AquaArt offers exceptional design combined with state-of-the-art LED technology

      We're confident you'll be impressed by the stylish design and state-of-the-art LED technology of the aquaria in our new Tetra AquaArt Explorer Line range. As well as offering you a unique insight into the fascinating world of underwater life through their curved front pane, these aquaria also make a great accessory for your home, combining elegant design with modern technology, enhanced functionality and ease of use.

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    • Wasser Test

      Background information on water analysis

      It is a well-known fact that every aquarist needs to regularly test the condition of their aquarium water. Poor water conditions are always a sign that the optimal biological balance has been disrupted and that the aquarium system is not functioning correctly. Water tests provide security, allowing for early identification of any imbalances and guarding against damage.

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    • Tetra‚Äôs perfectly coordinated range of products enables systematic water care

      In the last edition of TeTrade, we looked at the issue of water quality in general. In this edition, we shall be focusing on three specific products and discovering how each of these functions.

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