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    • Purely decorative: Fountains for terraces and balconies

      Water features such as fountains, small ponds on terraces and balconies and miniature garden ponds are great for decoration and take up very little space. It's easy to keep these attractive small water features free from unsightly calcium deposits and algae by using our Tetra Pond Fountain AntiAlgae* and Tetra Pond Fountain AntiCalc care products.

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    • Die Mischung machts

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    • ANTI ALGAE AGENTS -Tetra is not counting on copper!

      For pond keepers, the most beautiful time of year is definitely during the warm season. As they sit at the edge of their pond with a cup of coffee, enthusiasts can enjoy the summery flowering of water and pond-side plants and take delight in observing the lively pondlife, including everything from koi to dragonflies. Unfortunately, rising temperatures often mean that all too soon algae will start to develop. Many consumers wonder how they can prevent this. This article looks into the frequent question of why Tetra does not use copper as an active ingredient in its anti-algae agents and explains why copper simply cannot be the agent of choice.

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