Do you want to set up an aquarium?

A well set-up aquarium with lively, colourful fish is a beautiful sight. It brings colour to any room and is great fun.
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Algae in your aquarium?

Not all algae are a disaster. We can help with the prevention and reduction of algae growth
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Looking for fishsitter

With Tetra Holiday food you can go away without having to worry about feeding your fish.
Tetra Holiday

As happy as as a fish in water?

In order to keep your fish healthy, you should know about some basic rules.
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AquaArt Explorer Line -
Designed to fit any lifestyle

Tetra AquaArt Explorer Line
Tetra’s AquaArt Explorer tanks come with a complete starter pack to make things easy and straightforward. Making them the ideal way to introduce you to the fascinating world of fish.

New Goldfish FunBalls

Fun Balls
Inject some fun into feeding time with these floating portion size Goldfish feed balls. Watch your Goldfish play whilst still providing him with a nutritious staple food.

Fit fish with the new TetraMin

TetraMin mit neuer Formel
TetraMin has been keeping aquarium fish fit and healthy for decades. Now, we have improved the formula even further: the world’s most popular fish food now contains prebiotics...