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Tetra Tablets TabiMin

Complete food for all bottom-feeding fish.

  • The optimal, varied nutrition for bottom-feeding and timid fish
  • Tablets sink quickly, can be placed where needed and release the food slowly
  • The new Multi Tablet formula contains shrimps for enhanced palatability
Packaging Units
  • 58 Tab.
  • 120 Tab.
  • 275 Tab.
  • 2050 Tab.

Tetra Tablets TabiMin XL

Nutritionally balanced premium tablet food for all larger bottom-feeding fish.

  • Optimal, varied nutrition specifically developed for all larger bottom-feeding and timid fish
  • The new Multi Tablet formula contains shrimps for enhanced palatability
  • Contains all essential nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements
  • Stabilized vitamin C for improved resistance and healthy growth
  • Contains seaweed which is high in natural minerals and carotenoides for improved colouration
  • Biologically balanced
  • All Tetra foods are highly digestible to reduce waste and support clean and clear water
  • Tablets sink fast, allowing placement near to hiding places of timid fish
  • softens quickly for easy eating, yet does not break down and cloud the water
  • Intensive research and development, carefully selected ingredients, state-of-the-art technology and permanent quality control ensure you’ll always receive best quality
Feed only as much food as your fish will consume within approx. 30 minutes. Use for larger tanks. In mixed tanks, use in combination with TetraMin flakes/ granules or TetraPro. Feed Tetra Delica to your fish 2-3 times a week to add variety to their diet.
Packaging Units
  • 133 Tab.